All-Star Lineup For The 26th Annual ICA Arnold Symposium On Natural Fitness and Sports

7 Dec

The International Chiropractors Association Council on Fitness and Sports Health Science presents

The 26th Annual

Arnold Symposium on

Natural Fitness and Sports

Arnold thumbs up

March 1 – 3, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio

at the Columbus Downtown Renaissance Hotel

For the 26th Year in a Row

Our Keynote Speaker Will Be:

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

All Star Guests and Presenters

Steve Weatherford

SuperBowl Champion

Voted Most Fit Man in NFL

1. Steve Weatherford 2D

Ben Lerner DC

NY Times Best Selling Author

Olympic Chiropractor

Tonya Knight

American Gladiator

 Ms. International

3.Tonya Knight 2D


Phil Heath

7-Time Mr. Olympia

Phil Heath Olympia

Todd McDougle

Official StrongMan Doc

Technique Innovator

E- Dr Todd

Jack Barnathan DC

Leader of the Lifestyle Design Revolution

Symposium Founder with Arnold

Dr Jack

Maria Dalton DC

Uber Chiropractor and Animal Lover

Multi-Fitness Technique Master

4Maria Dalton 2D


Scott Rosa DC

Atlas Orthogonist

Trauma Imaging Expert

5.Scott Rosa 2D

Super Bowl Champion Jim McMahon discusses brainstem trauma.

Ron Oberstein DC

President of Life Chiropractic College West



Pete Gratale DC

ESPN TV Trainer

President ICA Council Fitness & Sports


Ken Kinakin DC

Founder S.W.I.S.

Power Lifting Specialist

Dr Ken 2D


John Downes DC

Executive Director Emeritus Life Sport Science Institute

World Class Team Doc

Downes collage

Deb Darnell

Yoga Design Specialist


Suzanne Morgan

Yoga and Ayurvedic Practitioner

Suzanne 2D


Dr. Jack Barnathan’s Panel Of

Masters of Fitness and Nutrition Design!

Maritza Martinez

IFBB ProBodybuilder


Don Doward

Master Chef

don doward


Michael Goldberg

Founder Hugs For Mito Charity

Michael Goldberg


Christine Stein

Lifestyle Design Consultant

Christine Stein


Tracey Palmer

Fitness Design Consultant

Tracey Palmer

Michael Rosado

Corporate Fitness Consultant


Nikki Fiel

Lifestyle Design Consultant

Nikki Fiel


Frank Warren

Corporate Fitness Consultant

Frank Warren


Lisa Papenbrock DC

Adventure Enthusiast

Lisa Papenbrock


Kathy Brodeur

Founder Climaxx Fitness Canada

KAthy Broder


Nicki Barton Sheehan

Wellness Consultant

Nicki Barton Sheehan


Jaclyn O’Neil

Corporate Wellness Consultant

Jaclyn ONeil



We can’t wait to see you there as well!

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