ChiroAthletica at The LEE HANEY GAMES

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ChiroAthletica is more than a seminar. It’s an EXPERIENCE!

It’s an opportunity to observe and learn real chiropractic in real time during a major athletic competition. The event will be held in conjunction with the LEE HANEY GAMES at the Georgia International Convention Center in Atlanta, Georgia on October 27 & 28, 2017.

[The Georgia International Convention Center (GICC) is connected to the airport by the ATL SkyTrain!  It is also conveniently accessible by car, at the juncture of two major U.S. interstates. The GICC is 10 minutes away from the heart of Atlanta by rental car or MARTA train.  (The airport’s Rental Car Center links to the GICC by the ATL SkyTrain automated people mover!)

The LEE HANEY GAMES are a dynamic combination of physique and fitness competitions consisting of  NPC Bodybuilding, Strongman, Powerlifting, Arm Wrestling and Fitness Expo events!



ChiroAthletica, sponsored by the ICA Council on Fitness & Sports Health Science, will have a threefold purpose:

1 – Real-time chiropractic analysis and opportunities for adjustments for all competitive athletes

2 – Professional educational sessions and workshops for attending chiropractors and trainers focused on chiropractic technique and case management

3 – Postural screening and education of the general public

This will create a unique learning environment where the attendees will participate, observe and become educated in the real world of chiropractic care at an athletic competition.

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The attendees can then go back into their sports and  fitness communities and deliver a quality, professional service at local athletic and fitness events.


Presenters & Guests For This Incredible Event Include:

Lee Haney – 8 time Mr. Olympia and Chairman of the event.


Todd McDougle, DC – Chiropractor to the World’s Strongest Men and a veteran of event-day adjusting protocols and procedures.



Maritza Martinez – IFBB Pro Competitor and Grandmother who’s been training and competing for over 40 years.


Joe Amunategui, DC winner of the Life University Clinical Excellence Citation and DC to Angelo Dundee and Tommy Torino Boxers.



Pete Gratale DCESPN Fitness TV Host and Lee Haney training partner.



Keith Rau, DC – Director Of Sports Chiropractic for Athletic Care, Life University

Education access and inaccessiblity to learn at a good school due to lack funding for learning programs at public schools and not private institutions.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES:  Multiple Strength Athletes – who are already attending the event or competing!

Seminar Fees:

$99 Full Pass for all ChiroAthletica Events for the duration of event

$29 Student Full Pass for all ChiroAthletica Events

Free Volunteer Student Full Pass for all ChiroAthletica Events


Hotel Information:


The Hotel is directly connected to Atlanta International Airport by a convenient walkway

2020 Convention Center Concourse
Atlanta, Georgia 30337

(404) 763-1544

 Group Rate Code – LEEHANEYGAMES