Images from ChiroAthletica at The Lee Haney Physique & Fitness Games 2016

11 Nov

“As President of the ICA Council on Natural Fitness & Sports Health Science, I am grateful and proud of the extraordinary professionalism of our ChiroAthletica Team” – Dr. Pete Gratale

ChiroAthletica and the ICA Council on Fitness & Sports were Title Sponsors at the event!


ChiroAthletica was there to adjust the athletes and teach chiropractors the specific needs of the physique athlete.


We were treated as VIPs by the Haney Family and had All Access Passes to all events!


We were excited to all meet up together for the first time under our new banner.


The finest of venues and tech set ups for our gathering.

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StrongMan Doc Todd McDougle started off with his workshop on adjusting the behemoths!

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Honored Guests IFBB Pro bodybuilder Maritza Martinez and America’s Strongest Man Dimitar Savatinov participated in all the proceedings. They didn’t mind being adjusting subjects of demonstration.


Dimitar holds the World Record at the one arm dumbbell press at 310 pounds!


Maritza won the Pro Puerto Rican championships and has been a competitor for decades.


Dr. Joe Amunategui and I tried to tag team Dimitar, but we couldn’t budge him!


Dr. Keith Rau demonstrated the Global Movement Assessment used by all Life University athletic doctors.


After the first day, The Crew loved the stellar venue and proceedings!


Dr. Todd even met a dedicated firefighter he had adjusted the year before. He went on to post a world record in the decathlon in his masters age group. 


By Day #2, we were ready to have a BLAST with the first responders from Combat Fitness!


Maritza enjoyed being the subject at my adjusting workshop on cranial technique. 


Dr. Joe Amunategui demonstrated his unique adjusting moves garnered after 7 decades of practicing chiropractic. Many he learned from his dad who practiced for over 50 years!


OLYMPIAN LEGEND Lee Haney showed up to inspire us with a keynote address and photo op!


Dr. Michael Tomasello compares triceps with Mr. Olympia!


Maritza, Lee and Commander Joe Outlaw (our pro photographer) wish we all “Live Long and Prosper”!


Figure competitor Pamela Myers impressed Lee with her contest conditioning.


Dr. Rick Berthuime and Lee do a Blues Brothers imitation! (Lee had to wear shades due to an eyeball injury).


Attendee Pamela Myers went on to win her class at the Games that night!


The ChiroAthletica Crew did an amazing job adjusting the athletes and turning people on to the performance benefits of chiropractic!lee20haney20fitness20games202016-53

We have plans to return in October of 2017! We hope to see you there at ChiroAthletica at the LeeHaney Games!


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