Images from the 2014 Symposium with Arnold

9 Mar

Here are some of the images from the 2014 Symposium on Natural Fitness and Sports with keynote speaker Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. We hope you enjoy them and please come join us next year where the chiropractic and fitness magic happens!

Arnold 500

Arnold expressed that chiropractic is not only for pain and injury, but for regular maintenance of the body’s structure.



“Everyone needs a chiropractor!”


Arnold and Joe

Arnold brought his friend and fellow actor, Joe Manganiello.



Joe stressed the importance of chiropractic in allowing him to train hard to stay in shape to play a werewolf (HBO True Blood) and dancer (Magic Mike).



“Thank God for chiropractic!”


Arnold and Franco1

Dr. Franco Columbu, legendary bodybuilder/strongman, Arnold’s best friend and personal chiropractor.



“I’m lucky! I’ve always had my own personal chiropractor.”


Arnold jokes

Arnold is always good for a few laughs!



The legendary bodybuilder and 8 time Mr. Olympia, Lee Haney.



Giant bodybuilder and actor, Ralph Mueller. (Gladiator)


Jack Legacy award

Dr Jack Barnathan announces a new honor inspired by Arnold, The ICA Council on Fitness & Sports Health Science LEGACY AWARD. An award that recognizes excellence in performing charitable works for individuals and communities.


Rich Legacy award

The chiropractic LEGACY AWARD was awarded to a well deserving Dr. Rich Gennaro, Vice President of the Council, for his years of tireless efforts.


Daniella Legacy award

The fitness design specialist LEGACY AWARD was awarded to Daniella Abruzzo, CEO of the Magic Happens Foundation, that helps sick children exercise and eat right.


Monica Athlete of the Year

ICA Council on Fitness and Sports Health Sciences Athlete of the Year Award was presented to Monica Brant, women’s fitness legend and track champion.


Lee champions heart

Lee Haney said that you can’t be a champion without a big heart!


Lee and Pete

Lee and Dr. Pete Gratale, President of the Council, had an engaging time with the audience, lots of laughs and serious training knowledge.


Monica Lee Pete1

Monica Brant joined Lee and Dr. Pete to give us the women’s perspective on fitness training. Both Lee and Monica use chiropractic to improve their performance.


Doug Miller

Arnold meets 2X Super Bowl chiropractor and presenter Dr. Doug Miller of the Baltimore Ravens.


SuperBowl ring

Super Bowl chiropractor Dr. Doug Miller’s Super Bowl ring!


Roundtable 2

Dr. Jack Barnathans Round Table with the Pros included from left; Dr. Jack, Fitness Pro Karen Mullarkey, NY Strength’s Leslie Fajfar, Master Chef Don Doward, Magic Happens Daniella Abruzzo, Fitness Legend Monica Brant, Adventurer/Entrepeneur Bob Mack and WNBF Fitness Pro Niki Bryant.



Movement guru and RockTape instructor Dr. Perry Nickelston rocked the house with the Thursday evening workshop!


Perry 1

Dr. Perry demonstrating diaphragm release.


Joe and Franco

Board member Dr. Joe Amunategei hooked up with Dr. Franco Columbu at Mitchell’s Steakhouse after the competitions.


Arnold and Board

Arnold recognizes the efforts of ICA Director Ron Hendrickson and board members Dr. Coralee Van Egmond, Dr. John Downes, And Dr Mark Fronczak.


Monica and Board

Board Members Dr. Joe Amunategui, Dr. Jay Lipoff, Daniella Abruzzo, Monica Brant, Vice President Rich Gennaro and ICA President Mike McLean.



NY Strength was well represented by Gabriel Garcia, Karen Mullarky, Vita Palminteri, Christine Stein, Dr. Joanne Hubley, Andrea Lurie, Don Doward, Dr. Jack Barnathan, Leslie Fajfar, Daniella Abruzzo, Corinne Wlody, Jack Wlody and Niki Bryant.


 Monica and Michael

ICA President Mike McLean and Athlete of the Year Monica Brant share a laugh.


Monica and Rich

Award winners Dr. Rich Gennaro and Monica Brant.


BXtreme fitness

The B-Xtreme Fitness Pros from Rockford, IL from left – Audrey Keegan, Amirah Spielman, Niki Bryant and Whittney Zumdahl.


John Downes

Dr John Downes from Life Sports Science Institute discussed protocols for team chiropractors on and off the field.

Life rugby

Some of the Life University Running Eagle Rugby coaching staff visited to tell us about the team. From left; strength and conditioning coaches Chris Caso MS, CSCS, Dr Chris Sullivan DC and director of Life Rugby Dan Payne.

Jay and Lee

Lee Haney and Board Member Dr. Jay Lipoff.


Betty with group

At Mitchell’s Steakhouse, Lee Haney, Franco Columbu, Betty Weider (wife of legendary publisher Joe Weider) and bodybuilding star Phil Heath. (and the hostess photo-bombing!)

Betty Weider and Dr. Pete Gratale.



Subluxations were checked for by CLA technology.


Adjustment 1

Dr. Craig Banks was adjusting subluxations!


no age limit

Andrea Lurie proves that chiropractic and fitness keeps you young!

Joanne from Canada

Dr. Joanne Hubley traveled down from Canada and sat in the front row in every session!


Dave and Cora Lee

Dr. Dave Orlando, Dr. Rob Cadwallader, Dr. Marijo Adamcik and Board member and all around “Miss gets everything done to put this Symposium together”, Dr. Coralee Van Egmond.


Dave Lee Pete

Reunion of the greatest fitness show of all time, ESPN’s Lee Haney’s Championship Workout with Dr. Dave Orlando, Lee and Dr. Pete Gratale

Poster Arnold

Arnold always signs a few mementos that we auction off to attendees.

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