Images from the 2016 ICA Arnold Symposium on Natural Fitness & Health

22 Mar

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger addresses the 2016 ICA Symposium on Natural Fitness and Sports Health Science


Arnold is in the building!

Arnold arrives

Arnold enjoys being around chiropractors!


Greeting Arnold on the stage.

Arnold greeting

The magic moment when Arnold takes the stage with the the ICA representatives and special guests in attendance


Arnold imitating a huge strongman…

Arnold powerlifter

Arnold’s talk is very captivating and entertaining. Here he imitates a huge Arnold Strongman competitor psyching up for heavy deadlifts.


A gift representing leadership…

Arnold sword present

“where you go, we will follow!” We presented Arnold with a gift to represent his leadership in health, fitness and charity…


A 1861 U.S. Cavalry sword…Conan raises it above his head!

Arnold lifts sword


Former NYC Sports Commissioner Ken Podziba receives the well deserved Arnold Legacy Award.

Ken Award

As the CEO of Bike NY, Ken has had a strong impact on the health and fitness of the NYC community.


Floridian Dr. Joe Amunategui receives the Chiropractor of the year award for his work with the Police Athletic League.

Joe award


Arnold signs books and movie posters for charity backstage.

Arnold signing


We saluted our military veterans in attendance, many of whom are chiropractors and trainers.



West Point Military Academy’s Boxing Coach Dr. Ray Barone LTC (retired) with our own Dr. Rich Gennaro, graduate of West Point, Captain (retired) and Physical Trainer.

West point

West point 2


Super Bowl Champion (with the NY Giants!) Sam Milford and Dr. Lisa Huseboe discussed brain fitness.

Dr Lisa and Sam


Sam’s gigantic Super Bowl XLII ring earned by beating the previously unbeaten New England Patriots!

Super Bowl ring


The master of brain function, Dr. Ted Carrick blew our minds with advances in chiropractic functional neurology.



The Foundation 4 Heroes and Ohio States #1 Fan make sick children happy by visiting them in hospitals across the country.



Dr. Jack Barnathan’s Panel of Lifestyle Design experts shared their elite experiences.

DrJack panel

From left, Kelly Sanders, Michael Rosado, Jeana Moriarity, Christine Stein, Don Doward, Leslie Fajfar Paul-Jon Patin and Lieutenant Stephanie Gay. Standing is Dr. Jack.


NY Strength was well represented and welcoming!

DrJack welcome


Dr. Jack has so much energy that he’s a blur!

DrJack panel 2


The NFL was well represented by active player Darryl Tapp of the Detroit Lions and retired player Michael Haynes of the Chicago Bears, here with Dr. Maria Dalton for a size comparison!

NFL with Maria


Tops in the fitness industry…

NY Strength

From left, Jeana Moriarity, Leslie Fajfar, Tracy Palmer, Ken Podziba, Corinne Wlody and Jack Wlody.


Dr. Perry Nickelston demonstrated his motion assessment mojo.


Perry torque


Ken Podziba and Team Wlody, Jack and Corinne, shared their experiences with reaching out to the community with the Bike NY program.

Team Wlody and Ken


First time ever that yoga training was presented at the Arnold Symposium by Debbie Darnell and our own Dr. Cora Lee Van Egmond!



Sam Madison shared his experiences with yoga in the NFL along with yoga experts Debbie Darnwell and Dr. Cora Lee Van Egmond.

Yoga with Sam


NFL Detroit Lion Darryl Tapp with professional bodybuilder Victor Martinez. These guys are huge!

Tapp and Martinez


WWE professional wrestler Vlad with Dr. Pete Gratale, President of the ICA Council on Fitness & Sports. The guy is huge and handsome!

Vlad the Wrestler


The Symposium is well attended by families, many who’s children come to compete in the extensive list of Arnold’s children’s competitions .


Dr. Eric J. Marshall and his wife, Jackie Marshall, with their 9-year-old daughter Noella, who was competing in the Arnold gymnastics events that weekend.


NFL player Darryl Tapp, his wife Tiffany, Dr Ray Hillenbrand from Detroit and Dr. Cora Lee Van Egmond, who basically runs the whole event.

Darryl and Tiffany


Super Bowl Champion Sam Madison with the ICA Executive Director Ron Hendrickson and Dr. Cora Lee Van Egmond.

Sam Ron CoraLee


Dr. Jack is a popular guy! Here with Victor Ramos and Amirah Spielman…



And Kelly Sanders…

Dr Jack and Kelly


And Leslie Fajfar.

DrJack and Leslie


The attendees were impressed with our sponsors and exhibitors.

Rock Tape


Our Sports Memorabilia Auction displayed quality products and was a big success!

Sports Auction


The Arnold’s Women’s Bikini competitors were impressive.

womens bikini


As were the top two Arnold Classic men’s competitors with Kai Greene, the eventual winner, and second place Cedric McMillan.

mens open


Our intrepid photographer, Deron Klatte, who deserves a big hand for producing the gorgeous professional photos of each attendee with Arnold. He takes over 300 of these studio shots pictures with Arnold in under 20 minutes!

Deron Klatt

We’d like to thank all the terrific people who helped us create this stellar event and we look forward to seeing you at our 25th Anniversary Event next year on March 2-4, 2017!



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