Chiropractic Care Contributes to Optimal Performance of Baseball World Series Champions 2011 St. Louis Cardinals and 2010 San Francisco Giants

22 Nov

oe Torre (left), Dr. Ralph Filson (center) and Tony La Russa (right) (Photo: Business Wire)

  Cardinal pitcher Jason Motte advocates chiropractic care CARMICHAEL, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As the St. Louis Cardinals celebrate their 11th World Series title and the San Francisco Giants relive their 2010 championship, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress points to the role of chiropractic care in promoting faster recoveries, reduced risk of injury and enhanced on-field performance. Chiropractic […]

Chiropractic neurologist Dr. Ted Carrick helps NHL’s biggest star recover from concussion!

25 Oct

Sidney Crosby hoists the Stanley Cup.

  With his recovery from a concussion seemingly stalled, NHL superstar Sidney Crosby sought help in alternative medicine and believes he got immediate results. The superstar consulted chiropractic neurologist Dr. Ted Carrick who utilized cutting edge recovery techniques to get Sidney back on the ice. While Dr. Carrick’s techniques may seem controversial to the medical […]

Can Lifting Belts Help Prevent Back Injury?

20 Oct


    The legendary bodybuilder and Mr. Universe, Bill Pearl, presented at our Symposium on Natural Fitness a few years back and he was asked  his opinion on lifting belts by an attendee. Bill immediately responded that he didn’t use one, ever. In his experience training his students and the original NASA astronauts, he found […]

Jeff Spencer’s 19 Steps to Wellness

30 Sep

Lance Armstrong and Jeff Spencer

A fabulous article by Dr. Jeffrey Spencer, M.A., D.C. Jeff is Wellness Chiropractor to the “world’s greatest” athletes and performing artists, including Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Troy Glaus, Bobby LaBonte, and U2. Most people aren’t living even close to their optimal potential. The insidious slow slide from youthful vitality and enthusiasm to diminished health is […]

How Strong Is Your Core? Take The Test!

4 Sep

Just holding the plank is an exercise in itself.

The Core Strength and Stability Test Presented by ICA Fitness Council member Peter Gratale DC   This 3 minute test based on the plank position, is an excellent screening devise to determine core strength and stability in athletic and fitness oriented populations. It can be done individually or as a group. The eight positions in […]

2011 Arnold Fitness Event

1 Sep

2011 marked the 19th year of the ICA’s Symposium on Natural Fitness held in conjunction with the Arnold Fitness Festival in Columbus, Ohio on March 4-5. The event was an outstanding success with top presentations in the field of chiropractic, sports and fitness. Here are some pictures of the highlights of the event.  

Watch: Arnold Talks Chiropractic

31 Aug


  The International Chiropractors Association Council on Fitness & Sports Health Science held their 2011  Symposium on Natural Fitness & Sports on March 3-5  in Columbus Ohio, in association with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Fitness Weekend. A real treat is when Arnold comes to visit us and gives a short speech. As always, Arnold inspired us with […]