3 Main Categories of UWELL Vape Devices

3 Main Categories of UWELL Vape Devices

Vaping is a common practice nowadays and has contributed to more upcoming e cigarette brands. These brands, especially those associated with UWELL vape devices, have a variety of e-cig models and types for different users. The beauty of having multiple forms is that you are spoilt for choice and can always upgrade to a better model. E-cigarettes provide users with varying vaping experiences. This is because the concentrates differ, the flavors, liquid strength levels, etc. This extract shows the types of e-cigarette devices you can get from the UWELL website or related stores.

What are the main classifications of UWELL vape devices?

There are many forms of vaping devices. If you look at the various brands available for sale to customers, you will realize how many vape devices there are. We will not look at each brand but focus on the top categories or types. Under each category, various vape devices will suit you best. The three main ones are the pod systems, mods, and disposables.

Pod systems

They refer to any electronic cigarette or vaping device with a removable plastic pod to hold the e-juice. The plastic material is specific to these devices, unlike others with glass tanks. The pod systems are small or large, so the buyers choose what satisfies their needs. You can refill the systems, but how you do, it varies. Some require pre-filled pods for filling; however, they have limited flavors and are not ideal for users who love trying out new things. Those you can refill without pods are much better, and the range of flavors is quite broad. Pod systems only use nicotine e-liquid and are generally easy to use.


They are also called vape mods. They are big and one of the most potent vaping devices you'll find on the market. They have a box-like structure capable of holding one or more batteries: the more batteries, the more power produced to run the devices. The batteries last longer hours and are rechargeable when necessary. Mods have extra features lacking in other vaping devices, like automatic temperature limiting. They accommodate a variety of flavors, leaving you with an experience like no other.


Disposable e-cigarettes are popular even though they don't last as long as other types. The name tells you the kind of vapes these are. You buy them with the e-juice inside, and the vapes' work is over when the liquid is all used up. How long the liquid lasts depends on how often you vape. The small-sized disposable e-cigarettes are ideal for first-time users or anyone who is not committed to vaping. Note that just because they are disposable doesn't mean they will not serve you fully. You will be happy to use them for a long time.

Bottom line

UWELL vape devices come in several forms. Each is ideal but consider your needs, advantages, and drawbacks before picking a type. Mods are the largest of all, followed by pod systems and disposables. These e-cigs' variations make them attractive to different people, which is an excellent factor during vape shopping.