6kW Solar Systems: Output and Returns

6kW Solar Systems: Output and Returns

Solar panels work better in regions where sun hours per day are more. There are various sizes of solar systems available which can be used to produce electricity by installing them. 6kW is one of those sizes and is most popular due to its better performance which in turn leads to greater efficiency. Let’s take a look at the ranges and financial returns one can expect from the 6kw solar system and the output.

Amount Required to Install 6kW Solar System

A 6kW solar system requires the use of almost 25 solar panels for which the space required is 40-45m2. However, the space may vary depending upon the orientation of these panels.

Solar Power Output of a 6kW Solar System

The Solar Power Output of a 6kW System depends on a number of factors. Some of those factors are:

  • Sun hours per day
  • Orientation as well as the location of solar panels
  • Temperature
  • Material of construction of the panels

Different parts of the world get varying amounts of sunlight which in turn leads to a varying output for each country. However, in summer, the sun is out more than in winter, so power output should be more. But since the temperature is also greater in the summer season, so the efficiency of the system drops.

If your 6kW solar system is 90% efficient and is getting 6 sun hours each day, the net power output of it each day will be (6SH*6kW*90%)=32.4kWh. However, this output will vary depending upon the factors mentioned above.

Returns from a 6kW Solar System

Solar tariffs in the world make the installation of solar panels cost-effective because you can save a lot of money on the energy you may waste if no one asks for it from you. By the use of feed-in tariffs, you export that excessive electricity to Grid Stations which in return pay you the required amount. However, it isn’t obvious till now whether or not you can get an incentive for merely a 6kW solar system.

If you get paid for it, the amount will depend upon the supply and demand of your household usage. If the electricity usage is less in your house, you’ll be paid for the electricity exported from your house to national power lines. These incentives vary from one city to another.

Effect of temperature on 6kW solar system

Can an increase in temperature decrease the efficiency of a 6kW solar system? With the increase in temperature, it seems like the efficiency will increase but that’s not the case since excessive heating of panels doesn’t let them work because of uncontrolled and excess energy. Under such circumstances, it is better to install the system at a place where sun hours are comparatively low. And this has to be done while installing the panels, you won’t face any such issue with ground-mounted solar panels. Overall, keep the temperature under control and install the panels at a suitable place to have required power. That’s possible only if you keep all the factors mentioned above into account.