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How to Store Your Honey Blond Wig with Ease

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So, you bought a blond wig, styled it to your desire, and wore it to a party. Now, it’s there on the stand and asking you to store it. But you don’t know a thing about storing a wig. If this is the case, this article is for you. Below is a treasure of tips to help you do wig storage like a pro!

Ways to Store Your Honey Blond Wig with Ease


Preparing Your Blond Wig for Storage

Storing your stockpiling wigs is essential because they will absorb dust if you don’t tuck them somewhere. Wash your blond wig before closing it in some storage. Now here comes the question why wash it?

Well, it is the most sensible to get it clean. If you wore it about 5 to 6 times, you should wash it. And if it’s an occasional one,  there is no such need.

However, if you plan to store your honey blonde wig for the next six months, washing it is better.

Avoid storing a sodden wig. Suppose your wig isn’t all dry, then wait it out. Moist wigs become chambers of molds and develop a terrible smell.

Once dry, brush them and then proceed further.

Avoiding Hot Places and Direct Sunlight

Okay, you won’t have the sun shining in your closet but is the temperature good enough? Store your blond wig somewhere away from direct sun rays. Additionally, make sure that it is not too hot either.

Heat damages your wig. The color dims and loses luster also the strands start coming off. In the case of light-hued wigs, the uneven patches stand out more.

To keep your wig from self-destruction, store it in a cool and dry place.

Things to Use for an Easy Wig Storing

Storing a blond wig may not be as difficult as you imagine. Yes, it has a light hue and needs more care but, some things come in pretty handy.

The Hairnets

Older women used hairnets to keep their hair in shape. You can also use them to store wigs. Place your blond wig on the wig stand and cover it with a hairnet.

Although hairnets are an old accessory, they are not impossible to find. Several online stores sell them.

Using the Original Packing

It is the best short-term storage solution. If you wear it often, then use its original packaging for storage. Just keep the wig in the packaging as you receive it.

Furthermore, there is special wig storing boxes available. They help store the wigs so that the hair strands retain their shapes. And, if you get your hands on one, don’t think twice.

Using the Wig Heads or Shoeboxes

You can use the wig heads for storing your blond wigs as well. Place your wig in it and put it in your closet. Shoe boxes also come in handy for easy wig storing. Brush and detangle it, then lay it in a shoebox with a tissue paper lining.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, storing a blond wig is slightly more challenging than storing a dark-colored wig. As it has a lighter hue, dust and stains are more visible. Therefore you need to be super careful.

But with the right methods, you will nail it.  We have stated the most common ways to store a wig. You can use your innovative ideas as

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