Reviving A Dead Battery: The Process

Reviving A Dead Battery: The Process

An original Hewlett Packard Laptop Battery will last for years, delivering a strong battery. But when the laptop starts showing signs of weakness, you need to be vigilant enough to see it early. That way, you can follow the steps in this guide to revive the laptop battery.

Confirm that your battery drains fast

The first thing you need to do is confirm that there is a problem with your battery. Sometimes, your laptop's charging port may be the main cause of the problem causing slow charging of the battery. In such cases, you may turn to the battery, thinking it is a problem. The best way to confirm your laptop battery is bad is by paying attention. You need to plug in your laptop and be sure that it is charging. It is great if you try timing yourself to be sure of the time it takes to charge. Generally, an HP laptop should charge to its highest level in less than three hours. If your laptop takes more than this, then maybe the laptop is not draining quickly, and the charger or charging port is bad.

Unplug laptop

After charging your laptop and confirming your battery is bad, you need to remove the charger when it is complete. You are sure that the battery is bad; overcharging it without following the proper process will lead to more damage. So the next step is removing the charger from the charging port. Ensure you do not switch off your battery at this point.

Use the battery till it finishes

The idea of removing the charger from the laptop is to allow the battery to run on only the battery. Do not bother about your laptop going off; it is vital for the revival process. What you want to do is to allow the battery to drain till the end with the laptop working. If your laptop is a working item, use it until it dies. But if it is not, use it for movies or games until it dies. After allowing the laptop some rest for maybe three days to recuperate.

Charge device for a long period

After leaving the laptop and the battery to rest, it is time to charge. This final step is a crucial one in the revival of your laptop. It is vital that you charge for a long period because this is the part where the battery revives.


The main idea of using a laptop is because it has a battery that gives you the freedom to move around without a charger or any wires. It is more than disheartening to have a laptop with a battery that goes off anytime it gets unplugged from electricity. You can liken such laptops to a desktop because that is the primary function of the desktop. As much as you can, ensure that your battery use is optimal so your laptop battery will stand the test of time. Moreso, you need to be sure that you have a suitable replacement plan for either the laptop or the battery as time goes on. That is because the lifespan of a laptop battery is related to its age.