The Best Custom Watch Dials Of 2022

The Best Custom Watch Dials Of 2022

Some say the dial is a metaphorical window to your watch's soul. The dial is the initial thing that a person sees when thinking of a famous watch. Additionally, it is often the thing that most people desire to change most of time. Such actions result in the making of a custom watch dial. In this day and age, custom watchmakers allow clients to alter the watch's face as they please.

Timepieces with custom watch dials


Enamel dials are one-of-a-kind. The single strokes of a hand-painted portrait are not replicable regardless of the artisan's skill using a brush. Although, the Toronto-founded Ematelier is not content with the illusion of being unique. Additionally, the timepiece's custom dial results in a remarkable unique piece. Given that Ematelier only deals with dials, this allows the customer to include a miniature picture or vibrantly-hued original work of art onto your chosen watch. In case you are unable to come up with something yourself, the firm is eager to work alongside you to develop a design that will have you showing off to your friends.

Bespoke watch projects

Bespoke watch projects from California take a modern laser-focused approach to the dials of its Intaglio series. The Intaglio series gains inspiration from experimental fine art methods and historical prints. Every Intaglio watch commences as a metal blank before its 'sanding down' and reception of its first patina. The dial may have several finishes, ranging from custom patinas and stains to concrete enameled colors.

Upon completing the earlier outlined procedures, the engraving of the dial commences. The outcome is an array of fabulously sharp, clear-cut graphic designs that blend well with the colors and finishes. The service also includes plain colored dials. However, nothing can challenge the retro looks and razor-sharp lines that are this firm's signature move. Bespoke watch projects inputs pure modernism in their watches having a case size of your selection, for example, a 38mm diver or a svelte 36mm.

Wessex watches

The founder of Wessex watches, Jamie Boyd, prides himself in his work because he is the one who is responsible for the phenomenally handcrafted silver dial. This feat is impressive even though it affiliates with incredibly decorated, architectural, and multi-layered dials belonging to the Wessex Peerless collection. Due to the Peerless collection having the signature two-layer dials, there is a huge depth level to the face of the watch and an image of one's choice. For those who are aware of the classic Tsunami watch, you can imagine the endless possibilities.

The procedure is easy. Contact the Wessex firm and notify them that you would like modifications to your watch, and you will be well on your way to having a custom watch dial. Jamie will create a prototype dial for you to greenlight. Customization is possible, from the guilloche background to amazingly hand-engraved frescos. The outcome speaks for itself.


Custom watch dials, regardless of the maker, are masterpieces because they possess something only a few timepieces have. Thus making them very sought after by clients because they do much more than tell time; they tell a story, your story.