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Types Of Burgundy Shades For Your Wig

by Dash

In the past, the traditional black, brown, and blonde wigs were available in most stores worldwide. More colors have evolved over the years, making wigs more versatile than any other hair. The thought of wearing one wig in different ways is great especially human hair wigs which are easy to color. An example is the burgundy wig, an in-between of red and bronze with a touch of purple. Burgundy wigs come in different shades, so we look at burgundy wig colors below.

Burgundy shades available for wigs

The burgundy color options make the wig suitable for everyone. It gives a subtle look to the wearer, no matter the skin tone. It’s,  however, good to select the best shade to complement your skin tone. The cool shades of burgundy work well with ebony or pink skin tones. They include reds and violet colors. Warm burgundy color shades are those with plenty of browns that are suitable for golden skin tones. Customization is also possible to alter the wig shade to suit your skin tone. Some of the best burgundy colors are;

1. Glossy burgundy

This shade is perfect for those who want the burgundy look but aren’t too sure of it. It is a kind of a laid-back burgundy color that gives the illusion of depth but is not deep within in the real sense. The glossy feel makes it lustrous, especially when the sun rays hit right.

2. True burgundy

True burgundy wig color is not full-blown. It is a perfect transition to burgundy since it falls between red and brown. Burgundy is 90% red, so this color gives you just a taste of it. Applying true burgundy to your wig is a good start point towards the primary color.

3. Dark magenta

Magenta is a sophisticated shade that combines blue and red tones. The color is fantastic and suits almost every skin tone. However, dark magenta is high maintenance, and its upkeep is a huge undertaking. Don’t commit to this color just to end up disliking the work involved or discarding your expensive human hair wig. Consult a stylist before making any commitments.

4. Bronze

Most burgundy shades have a tint of purple, but bronze is one of those without it. It is more of a reddish-golden look which is quite captivating.

5. Deep red

Red which is the foundation of burgundy wigs, comes in several shades. The shades can stir up some confusion, especially if you are unfamiliar with colors. It is the perfect burgundy shade, containing red and purple notes. The chic color is ideal for any skin tone.

6. Burgundy red hair color

The shade is quite common, leaving you to spot it on several women. It consists mainly of purple undertones, perfect for women with warm skin tones despite the name. It is ideal when you don’t want to go into a complete redhead.

Final words

Burgundy wig hair color works for all skin tones. It is available in multiple shades to enhance your look. Taking good care of these wigs is paramount. Get good quality products specifically made for colored hair and seek a hairstylist’s assistance to ensure you don’t damage the wig. Keep the color even and vibrant for a continued good look.

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