Use of Pressure Washer- Step By Step Guide

Use of Pressure Washer- Step By Step Guide

Pressure washing seems to be an easy and fun game, but actually, it's not especially for beginners. The use of pressure washing is an effort and attention-demanding task in which you need to consider many factors to avoid injuries or accidents.

Here we will provide you with a complete guide for safe pressure washer use. Make sure to follow all the steps in you don’t want to cause problems.

Here come the steps!

1. Check the Water Resources

Water is the basic element in a pressure washer. To attain the required pressure, it’s important your water resource is prone to any leak or damage.

The first thing to notice/check is your hose. Any leakage in the hose can fail the basic need to pressure the washer. The second thing to check is your actual source from where the hose will connect.

You need to ensure the continuous availability of water to accomplish your task.

2. Check the Weather

The weather has a great impact on pressure washing, especially for outdoor use. Make sure that the day you are choosing for cleaning is clean and sunny.

3. Inspect the Pressure Washer

Being the center of cleaning, a pressure washer should be of good quality with cleared filters and a cleaned interior.

Before starting the pressure washer, carefully inspects all the parts washer like the motor (gas or electric motor), engine, hose, & wand of was for any damage & blockage. A timely assessment of damage can save you from hassle & time wastage.

4. Check the Power Source

Pressure washers use two main power sources; gas and electricity. In the case of gas pressure washers, you need to check if the gas storage is filled enough to complete your task. Avoid filling the tank while using the washer.

For the electric washers, the main element you need to check is the availability of GFI plugs at the place of the task. GFI plugs will keep you protected against electrical shock and electrocution.

5. Ensure Double-Handed Operation

Pressure washers need a lot of strength to work with. Avoid using a washer with one hand as the chance of hand injuries is very common in such situations.

6. Check the Pressure

Before starting the pressure washer, avoid direct targeting to the surface/ item you are cleaning. First, check the pressure level on a small surface; if the pressure is not high enough to dislodge to dirt, change the nozzle with a high-pressure one.

7. Use Eco-friendly Detergents

For chemicals and detergents used, choose an eco-friendly option. The detergent/chemicals should be safe for not only the environment but also the pressure washer. Use the same brand detergents as the pressure washer is.

8. Follow Precautions

Generally, the product manual contains all the safety and precaution of using a product. Make sure to read the manual thoroughly and follow the instructions.


The use of pressure washers needs experience or a user guide. In both cases, no misconduct is acceptable. We have provided you with a complete guide to pressure washer use. If you are looking for a pressure washer with quality and performance, you can check the official website for quality products.