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What makes some human hair wigs affordable?

by dash

Wigs are categorized into synthetic and human hair. The latter is the most expensive since the hair used is real human hair, and they are handmade. However, their prices vary based on the type. Most stores have both affordable human hair wigs and those priced higher than them. The cost greatly determines the kind you get since their characteristics vary. Human hair wigs are the best in the market so getting them at favorable prices is a bonus. We look at factors that make human hair wigs affordable below.

Why are some human hair wigs affordable?

The following are characteristics of cost-friendly human wigs.

1.      The human hair wigs quality is low

Human hair wigs are made from natural hair sourced from people of different origins. It is donated mainly from India and South American regions like Brazil. Despite being real hair, it falls under two groups, the donator, and floor hair. The affordable wigs are made from floor hair which lacks cuticles; hence the quality is low. During prepping and wig construction, floor hair is detangled but the chances of it tangling after some time of use is high, unlike donator hair which stays the same for years.

2.      The human hair wigs are less voluminous

The hair used to construct the wig directly affects its cost. Volume goes hand in hand with length, meaning the longer the hair, the more the hair used. Shorter human hair wigs are more affordable than long ones. A 16-inch wig will cost less than a 24-inch wig.

3.      The wig hair may be blended

Pure wig hair or virgin hair has no additives such as chemicals. Its stays in the same condition it was after being donated. It only goes through the washing and drying processes. Blended wig hair, also referred to as mixed, hair contains other types of hair or animal hair. It is also combined with chemicals and other synthetic materials that lower its grade. Such wigs have distorted quality compared to the pure kind and can cause skin or allergic reactions due to the additional products. Despite the drawbacks, the wigs are cheaper and can last longer if maintained well.

4.      The wig density is low

Most wigs are priced based on their density. A higher density attracts more money than low-density hair. In its natural form, donated hair weighs more than that which is tampered with or added chemicals. The blending of hair makes a wig lighter, meaning it’s sold for less money. Always be careful when buying mixed wigs. Some of them feel heavier than real Virgin hair, but their quality is questionable. This is because they have been filled with fillers to increase weight, mimic pure wigs, and be sold at higher prices.

Bottom line

There are plenty of affordable wigs in the market. They may be human hair, but their quality is slightly low compared to others. Nevertheless, they are suitable for those who can’t afford the huge sums of money needed to purchase high-end wigs. Their appearance may change with time, but if properly maintained, they can serve you for a while, and again, there are reasonably priced.

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