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What You Should Know About Belt Drive Pressure Washers

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When you’re looking at pressure washers, you may have noticed they come in different types. Most commonly, you will see belt drive and direct drive pressure washers.

Belt-drive pressure washers are designed to use a belt to transfer engine power to the pump. This is a structural change that allows the engine to run cooler, which increases the longevity of both the engine and pump.

A slower operating engine also reduces noise, making it easier for you to operate your pressure washer in congested areas. For example, a belt-drive pressure washer could operate at 3200 PSI with 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM) while consuming only 6 horsepower (HP). In comparison, to achieve that pressure level with a direct drive engine would require 9 HP or more.

These belt-driven pressure washers are ideal for small business owners and homeowners who need a high-quality machine for cleaning outdoor equipment like cars, RVs, boats, or lawnmowers.

Are Belt Drive Pressure Washers the Best for Business Use?

A pressure washer goes a long way into helping determined individuals keep their businesses clean. They’re powerful and effective, making them ideal for maintaining the exterior as well as the interior of any business.

Commercial belt drive pressure washers are a popular choice for customers looking for a more powerful machine at a lower price. These units have an engine with a crankshaft connected by an industrial-grade polyurethane belt to the pump, which gives it more power and makes it run quieter than other types of commercial pressure washers.

It, however, may depend on the kind of needs you have for a pressure washer. Before you can decide which kind of engine is right for you, you have to understand how each type works and what they’re used for.

Generally, belt drive pressure washers are the best for business use because they offer a higher level of durability and reliability over other styles of pressure washers, such as gear drive pressure washers.

Benefits of Belt Driven Pressure Washers

  • Belt-driven pressure washers offer lower maintenance, longer-lasting, and more reliable option over direct drive pressure washers.
  • These pressure washers are much quieter than direct-drive machines, and this can be beneficial in many situations. The belts can help absorb vibrations caused by a running engine and also stabilize electric motors that are mounted on the machine.
  • These machines are also very easy to replace with very little trouble involved.
  • Belt driven pumps run at a slower speed than direct-drive units, which means less wear and tear on the pump itself. The belt can also absorb some of the shock that normally occurs every time you start or stop your pressure washer.
  • They provide more cleaning power than electric pressure washers and give you the ability to use different PSI ratings for more specific jobs.
  • It’s relatively easy to control and change the pump speed of these pressure washers while they’re in use.

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